What Is a Master Lock Combination Chart?

A Master Lock combination chart is defined by the company as a request for seven or more lost lock combinations at the same time, as of 2015. Combination charts may be requested in hard copy, on a CD or via email. Email versions are free, but the other two cost around $50 each. Full chart history is available as well for $100 regardless of format.

Combination charts generally are requested by businesses or other organizations that have large numbers of lockers, such as schools, gyms or health clubs. A special form must be faxed on official letterhead to request a Master Lock combination chart. Contact information, lock model number, system key and serial numbers are required for the form to be processed, with a bill accompanying the completed chart to cover any charges. The request takes between two and four weeks to process.

The number of locks is the sole criterion in determining whether a chart is required, so any of the above organizations follows a different protocol if less than seven combinations are needed. In this case, the lock must be brought to a Master Lock distributor or retailer to verify the lock owner's identity. It cannot be attached to anything during the trip. Alternatively, a notarized form may be submitted to request a lost combination. Either way, it takes between four and six weeks for the combination to arrive.

Master Lock no longer imprints serial numbers on locks sold in retail locations. As a result, the company cannot provide combinations for its most recent products.