Why Is the Master Flow Attic Fan a Smart Energy Saver?


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The Master Flow attic fan can improve ventilation of a house's attic, helping to reduce the temperature of the lower floors and lower the load on air conditioning units or central air systems. Lowering the energy consumption of these power-hungry devices helps save on energy usage and costs overall.

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Master Flow attic fans help to reduce energy costs by forcing heated air out of an attic. Since heat rises, hot air from lower floors tends to become trapped in the attic, producing a large mass of heated air that can become as hot as 160 degrees Fahrenheit on warm summer days. The intense heat from this trapped air can penetrate through any insulation, separating the attic from the lower floors, raising the temperature of the house and forcing the air conditioning system of the home to work even harder and use more energy. By blowing hot air in the attic out of the attic, a Master Flow attic fan prevents a hot air mass from building up in the first place.

In addition to saving on energy costs from air conditioning, a Master Flow fan can help indirectly save on heating costs during the winter as well. High attic temperatures can damage insulation and make a house much less energy efficient. By preventing high temperatures in the attic, a Master Flow fan helps preserve insulation's effectiveness at keeping heat in and reducing energy costs.

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