How Do You Find a Martha Stewart Color Chart?

A Martha Stewart color chart featuring Martha Stewart-brand paint colors is featured on Its Martha Stewart Color Match page features numerous rows of color options, including robin's egg blue, tortilla, corn meal and pebblestone. A color chart featuring super neutral palettes is located on This chart has 18 colors, including cooking apple green, gray horse, babouche, punch and titanium.

MyPerfectColor features an extensive listing of Martha Stewart paint colors, and each page features various hues of brown, gray, yellow, blue, green and beige. Colors on this chart are listed by name and number. The super neutral color selections are enhanced with an extra bit of color and are good for enlivening rooms by accentuating certain areas. Super neutral colors can transform the look of ceilings, furniture, lamps and walls. Super neutral palette colors are identified by color, brand name and stock number.

A good way to decide what colors to paint a room is to use the room's textile colors for inspiration. Another factor in selecting color is architecture, and certain colors make doors and window frames stand out. Paint colors can perk up a dark room that doesn't receive much natural light, or they can be used to reflect natural light. Whatever paint colors are chosen should create thematic unity within a home, and bold colors should not overwhelm.