How Many Models of John Deere Fertilizer Spreaders Are Available?


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The John Deere company produces eight different models of conventional spreaders for the application of dry fertilizer and seeds, as of 2015. The company also produces 18 alternative spreaders designed specifically for the application of liquid fertilizer and nutrients.

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For the purposes of seeding and dry fertilizer application, John Deere manufactures broadcast spreaders, pendular spreaders and multipurpose seeders. Many of these models can also spread salt and sand in addition to fertilizer when equipped with the proper attachments. For the exclusive purpose of nutrient application and fertilizer application, John Deere manufactures drawn dry spreaders, self-propelled sprayers and liquid-fertilizer nutrient applicators. These more specialized models cannot spread salt or sand, though all of them can distribute either dry or liquid fertilizer with the proper attachments.

While John Deere offers standardized models of all its manufactured equipment, customers with very specific requirements or particular agricultural concerns can have custom fertilizing equipment designed and tailored to fit their exact needs. All pieces of custom equipment use a standard John Deere model as a base, ensuring attachment and part compatibility between custom and standard models. Those interested in purchasing fertilizing equipment from John Deere also have the option of joining the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program through John Deere, thereby gaining access to comprehensive fertilizing plans and various sources of fertilizer for agricultural application.

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