How Many Different Ways Can You Fold a Dinner Napkin?

There are more than 50 ways to fold a dinner napkin, some of which include the pyramid, the arrow, the bird of paradise, the diamond and the cone. Other speciality folds are the bishop's hat, the rosebud and the sail.

The pyramid fold boasts a simplicity and classiness that can be created easily from most napkins. Ironing the napkin with a light starch prior to folding helps lessen the floppiness of thinner napkins. With the napkin laid flat, a person can craft this fold by folding the napkin in half diagonally. Turning the napkin so the open end is away from him, the right end is bent up to meet the far corner, lining the edge of the new fold along the center line. The same process is repeated with the left side so that a seam is created in the center.

Keeping the open end away from him, the person should flip the napkin over. He should bring the farthest point of the diamond up and back to the nearest point to fold the napkin in half. With the end now facing him, he should turn the napkin over again. After folding the napkin along the center seam, a sturdy pyramid is formed. More starch can be added if the napkin does not stand neatly.