How Many Different Types of IKEA Ovens Are for Sale?


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As of 2015, Ikea sells four wall-oven models and nine ranges. Oven ranges are available with electric or gas connections, and the wall ovens all have an electrical connection. Single and double ovens are options for both wall and range models.

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In wall ovens, Ikea offers convection- and thermal-heating options. Thermal ovens are available with and without the self-cleaning feature, while the single-convection oven has the self-cleaning function. The wall ovens are designed to be built into the walls or cabinets. Installation of a wall oven requires a professional to make the necessary electrical connections. Wall ovens feature an electronic control panel and timer. Prices for wall models range from $800 for a single-thermal oven to $1,500 for a double oven. The convection-oven model is approximately $1,200.

Range ovens are available for $500 to $1,250. The most expensive ranges include a double-thermal oven. The Lagan range, which is the least expensive, has a slightly smaller oven capacity of 4.8 cubic feet compared to the 5 cubic feet of the Nutid single wall oven. Gas models, like the electric Ikea ranges, all have an electric oven. The range ovens include a storage drawer on the bottom.

Ikea wall ovens and ranges include a five-year limited warranty. Details are provided in the warranty brochure, which is included with the appliance.

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