How Many Different Types of Home Windows Are There?


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Types of home windows include casement windows, slider windows, transom windows, picture windows, awning windows, double or single-hung windows and bay windows. These are the most popular window types.

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How Many Different Types of Home Windows Are There?
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Casement windows are operated by turning a crank to open or shut them. These windows may be hinged on either side and open outwards. Slider windows are attached to a track housed in the window's frame and have at least one operating window that slides back and forth horizontally across other windows in the frame. Transom windows are narrow windows that may be either stationary or mobile. They are generally mounted above doors or other windows to let in more light.

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards. This allows air to flow through the home.These windows are installed above or below other windows. Picture windows are large stationary windows that allow expanded views of the outside and let in an increased amount of light, when compared to other windows.

Double-hung windows have sashes in the frames that move vertically up or down. These windows may open from either the top or the bottom, but remain inside the window frame. Single-hung windows allow only the bottom part of the window to move up or down. Bay windows, also known as bow windows, are designed to extend outwards from the siding of the house. Bay windows are usually created using a combination of different window types such as stationary or casement.

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