How Many Burners Does the Samsung Freestanding 5.8-Cubic-Feet Self-Cleaning Gas Range Have?


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The Samsung freestanding 5.8 cubic-feet, self-cleaning gas range provides a five-burner cooktop. The appliance measures 29.82 inches wide by 46.60 inches tall by 23.69 inches deep. A one-year manufacturer's warranty covers both parts and labor.

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The burners use an electronic ignition source and have continuous, matte, cast-iron grills, which are dishwasher safe. Four of the burners are standard round units with maximum heating capacities ranging from 17,000 to 5,000 British thermal units. The fifth burner is a standard oval unit with a maximum capacity of 9,500 BTU. The oven contains two full-size racks with seven rack-height positions. It features control lockout, delay bake, time bake, dehydration and keep-warm settings, and an electronic touchpad control with a digital display.

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