Who Manufactures Pot Belly Stoves?

Who Manufactures Pot Belly Stoves?

Vogelzang, Wehrle and The United States Stove Company are all manufactures of pot belly stoves. Additionally, Deckmate manufactures outdoor fireplaces designed in a similar fashion to pot belly stoves.

Vogelzang has a number of different models in its line of pot belly stoves. One option is the Railroad Pot Belly Stove. This model is designed to echo the stoves typically found in train stations at the turn of the century. This stove is constructed of durable cast iron, and the user has the option of burning either wood or coal. The Railroad Pot Belly Stove has the ability to heat up to 1200 square feet of space.

Wehrle pot belly stoves are no longer in production; however, they can still be purchased today as antiques. Due to their sturdy construction, stoves manufactured by Wehrle are still functional and relatively valuable.

The United States Stove Company is still producing pot belly stoves. This company's Railroad Pot Belly Stove is also constructed of cast iron. In this model, 40 pounds of coal can burn for a total of eight hours without any need for refueling.

Deckmate features a more modern take on the pot belly stove. Their outdoor fireplaces are designed to reflect the pot-belly-stove style.