What Manufacturers Make Plasma Air Conditioners?

What Manufacturers Make Plasma Air Conditioners?

American Comfort, Sharp, LG and Samsung all manufacture plasma air conditioners. These air conditioners employ a plasma filter to kill bacteria and eliminate microbes in the air.

As of 2015, American Air manufactures the Plasma Cool air conditioner. The appliance delivers 14,000 BTUs of energy, making it capable of cooling up to 600 square feet of space. The Plasma Cool model is a self-contained unit that users can roll from room to room. The Plasma Cool's plasma filter is washable, and the unit also features a carbon filter that removes odors.

Sharp also makes air conditioners with "Plasmacluster" technology. This technology is actually an ion generator that releases positive and negative ions into the room to create a fresh smell. The portable Sharp air conditioner also features a dehumidification setting.

Samsung manufactures air conditioners with multiple purification technologies, including a plasma filter. Called S-Plasma, this system sends out hydrogen and oxygen atoms to clean the room. Harmless to people and pets, these atoms kill allergen particles, influenza viruses, bacteria, fungi and other impurities.

LG makes the Titan Plasma air conditioner. The plasma filter on this model uses an electrical field to capture and burn dust. It is also effective against micro dust, house mites and pet fur.