How Do You Manufacture a Compost Maker?


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Constructing a compost maker is easy, inexpensive and takes just 30 minutes. The materials you need are a large, lidded plastic bin, a drill, wire mesh, kitchen scraps and a large sifter. For the best results, choose a bin that holds at least 18 gallons.

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  1. Drill holes in the bin

    Put the lid on the bin and drill holes on the bottom, sides and top.

  2. Line the bin with wire mesh

    Line the interior of the bin with wire mesh. This prevents foraging animals from ransacking your compost.

  3. Place the bin outside

    Place your compost maker in an easily accessible outdoor spot. Porches and fire escapes are excellent choices for urban environments, while people with more space often place their bins near their garden or beneath a kitchen window.

  4. Load the bin with food scraps

    Put chopped kitchen scraps in the bin and close the lid. Add more scraps daily. Garden debris such as dead leaves and twigs are also excellent composting materials.

  5. Aerate regularly

    Aeration hastens the composting process. Shake the bin once a day. Reduce unpleasant smells by adding shredded newspaper or dead leaves. Sawdust also reduces odors and absorbs excess moisture.

  6. Remove mature compost

    Extract the compost by passing the contents of the bin through a large box sifter. The material that passes through the sifter is mature compost. Dump everything else back in the bin and close the lid.

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