How Do You View Manuals for Orion Cookers?


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Customers can find a manual for Orion cookers at TheOrionCooker.com and ManualsLib.com. The manual comes as a PDF file, either to read on a computer or to print for future reference. It includes assembly instructions, general cooking instructions, recommendations for wood chips and a frequently asked questions section. A section in the middle of the manual contains recipes for dishes including beef brisket, baby back ribs and pork chops.

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The Orion Cooker uses convection to heat and cook food. It steams and smokes food simultaneously, resulting in fast cooking times. To cook meat in the Orion Cooker, place the meat in the cooking chamber, and load the top and bottom cooking rings with charcoal. Add wood chips to the cooking chamber for a smoky flavor.

Light both charcoal rings. No oil is required during cooking, as the charcoal provides the only source of heat. The heat creates a convection current inside the cooking chamber, which cooks the meat quickly and evenly. There is no need to flip or baste the meat once it has started to cook. As the meat is isolated from the charcoal, it is possible to use lighter fluid to light the charcoal without affecting the meat's flavor.

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