How Do You Manually Get the Door Open on Your Electrolux EWF1090?

manually-door-open-electrolux-ewf1090 Credit: ryanishungry/CC-BY-2.0

One way to open the door of the Electrolux EWF1090 washing machine during a cycle is to press the Start/Add Clothes button. If the machine malfunctions, the machine can be manually drained and re-started. A service call may be required.

  1. Interrupt a wash cycle

    The Electrolux EWF1090's door remains locked during active wash cycles to prevent injury and overflow. To pause the cycle and unlock the door, press the Start/Add Clothes button. This unlocks the door, so long as: it is not in a heating cycle, the water level is not too high, and the drum is not spinning. There may be a delay of up to three minutes before the door is unlocked. To re-start the machine once the door has been closed, press the button a second time.

  2. Address larger issues

    If the machine does not complete the washing cycle or does not drain properly, the door remains locked. The machine can drain manually. Turn the machine off, and unplug it. On the bottom right of the front of the machine, there is a removable access panel. Take off the panel, remove the drain pump cover, and allow the water to pour out. Multiple buckets are necessary to contain the water. A blockage of lint or other foreign items may come out, or may need to be removed from the drain outlet. Once drained, replace the drain pump cover and access panel. Plug in, and turn on the machine. The door should unlock.

  3. Obtain assistance

    If the door does not unlock after the machine has been drained, there is a defective part. Call Electrolux for a service technician recommendation.