How Do You Manually Clean a Kenmore Oven?

How Do You Manually Clean a Kenmore Oven?

Clean a Kenmore oven by placing a bowl of ammonia on the top rack and a pan of boiling water on the bottom rack. Allow the ammonia to fume overnight to loosen grease, and scrub away with a plastic scrubber. Rinse and remove grease using a sponge and clear water.

  1. Protect the heating element

    Remove the oven racks. Wash the heating element using a sponge dipped in water. Cover the heating element with aluminum foil to prevent damage from drips.

  2. Remove loose debris

    Use a rubber spatula to remove any loose debris from the oven floor. Dispose of them in a plastic bag to prevent the mess inside the oven from spreading.

  3. Add ammonia and hot water

    Return the racks to the oven. Place 1 cup of ammonia in an open plastic container, and place it in the center of the top rack. Boil water in a saucepan, and place the pan on the lower rack under the ammonia.

  4. Wait until morning

    Allow the containers in the oven to sit overnight.

  5. Scrub away stains

    Turn on the range hood to remove any ammonia fumes. Remove the ammonia and saucepan from the oven. Place the oven racks in the sink. Use a green scrubber sponge to scrub away any stubborn debris.

  6. Rinse with water

    Use paper towels and clean water to rinse and remove any materials left in the oven. Remove foil, and rinse the heating element again. Clean the racks in the sink, and return them to the oven.