How Do You Get a Manual for a Weller Soldering Iron?


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As of 2015, the user manuals for popular Weller soldering iron models are available on the company's official tools website, Weller-ToolsUS.com. Users can also register Weller products, watch how-to videos, and download relevant brochures and software on the website.

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Hover the mouse pointer over the Resources button on the main navigation bar of the website's homepage, and select Manual from the drop-down menu that appears. Ensure the Manual tab is highlighted, and then select the Soldering option from the horizontal menu below it. A list of available soldering iron model numbers is displayed in alphabetical order. Scroll down the list to locate the model number of the soldering iron and click on the image adjacent to it. The resource is either displayed in the Web browser or downloaded onto the computer's hard disk, depending on the browser settings.

Manuals that are not available on the main manuals page may be archived and, therefore, are accessed through the archived manuals page. Click on Manual Archive under the Resources drop-down menu and select your preferred resource from the list that appears. Access the how-to videos page and the brochures download page through the Resources button drop-down menu by clicking on Videos or Literature, respectively.

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