How Do You Find a Manual for the Viva Water Dispenser?

Download the manual for the Viva A1213364VB water dispenser from The manual is available to read online, or to print for future reference. The manual contains information on installation, maintenance, specifications and troubleshooting.

The Viva A1213364VB water dispenser can dispense hot, cold or room-temperature water. It features a refrigerator for food storage and beverage cooling. A hot-water button is installed on top of the unit to help ensure child safety.

To clean the unit, unplug it, and clean the exterior surfaces with a cloth and soapy water. To improve efficiency, wipe any dust away from the back of the unit. Remove the cover and the drip tray assembly, and wash them with a cloth or in a dishwasher. After the unit is transported, or every three months, sanitize the unit to remove dust. Use a mixture of bleach and water to clean the unit's interior.

Attach a bottle of water to the unit before plugging it in. Ensure water is flowing through both taps, and then plug the unit into an outlet. Turn on the hot water switch, and wait for the heating and cooling mechanisms to start working. To use the hot tap, hold down the child-safety lock and press the hot-water button.