How Do You Get a Manual for a Sentry Fire Safe?


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Download a manual for any SentrySafe fire safe product from SentrySafe.com. First choose the SentrySafe family of products that your fire safe falls under, whether it is for the home, business, commercial or gun storage, and then choose the correct SentrySafe product from the drop-down menu. SentrySafe is a brand of fire-resistant safes and security storage products manufactured by John D. Brush & Company, a New York-based, privately held safe manufacturing company.

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SentrySafe's family of fire safes for the home, office, commercial and weapons storage include a large variety of combination safes, digital safes, electronic safes, biometric and executive safes. Combination safes require entering a number combination on a dial to open them while digital fire safes require entering a digital code on a numerical pad. Biometric fire safes have fingertip sensors that recognize user fingerprints.

Because SentrySafe's fire-resistant safes use proprietary insulation with high moisture content, do not use the safes to store items sensitive to moisture, such as watches, photographs or stamps. If storing delicate items inside the safes, put the items in airtight containers. Keep the dessicant packets that come with the purchase of the safes inside them, and occasionally open the safes to air them out and prevent moisture formation. SentrySafe's fire safes are not meant to store weapons, ammunition, medication, combustible material, pearls, computer disks, audio-visual media or film negatives.

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