How Do You Find a Manual for a Scoreboard Alarm Clock?

Look for scoreboard alarm clock manuals on manufacturer's websites. For example, Team Sports American makes scoreboard alarm clocks, and its website has scoreboard alarm clock manual PDF files available for download. Scoreboard alarm clock manuals are also available for download or viewing on popular manual websites such as and GoogleDocs.

Scoreboard alarm clock manuals include the alarm clock's operation instructions and warranty information. The manual also details what the different buttons do and what their button symbols mean.

For example, the scoreboard alarm clock for model #0028B from Team Sports American details how to set the clock, hourly chime and alarm. It also instructs users on how to clean the alarm settings and change the clock from 12- to 24-hour time formats.

To set the year on a scoreboard clock model #0028B, push the A button so the four-digit year numerals flash, and adjust the numerals with the B and C buttons. To set the time on the same alarm clock, push the A button until the hour numbers flash, and then make them go up or down with buttons C or B. Push the A button again so the minute numbers flash, and adjust them with the B or C buttons.