How Do You Get a Manual for a Noma Programmable Thermostat?

The manual for a Noma THM301M programmable thermostat is available on The manual outlines the thermostat's features, explains each button's function and explains how to program the unit. A video tutorial for the THM303M thermostat is available on Along with programming instructions, the tutorial includes information on changing the batteries and installing the unit. General instructions for Noma thermostats are located on

Use the Heat/Cool switch on the thermostat to select the desired function. Setting the switch to Off turns both functions off. When using the thermostat to heat or cool the house, set the Fan switch to Auto. Use the Fan setting when Heat/Cool is set to Off to use the fan without adjusting the temperature.

Use the Up and Down arrows to select the desired temperature. The display initially shows the temperature inside the house. Once you set the temperature, the thermostat automatically begins heating or cooling the house.

To program the thermostat, use the Prog button. Use the Ahead and Back buttons to set the start time and the desired temperature. Press Prog again to move to the next program slot. When all the programs are set, press Current to return to the main screen.