How Do You Get a Manual for the Noma Outdoor Timer?

As there is no official company website for Noma brand products, including the Noma outdoor timer, Electrical Components International, the company that purchased the Noma Corporation in 2007, recommends that consumers directly contact the retail stores that sold Noma brand products for questions regarding the goods. Coleman Cable provides a single-page owner's manual for the Noma Consumer Electrical 24-hour heavy duty outdoor timer, logged as 49122 on the Timer Instruction Sheets webpage.

The owner's manual provides basic instructions to complete the setup and troubleshoot potential problems with the 24-hour outdoor timer, and as of 2016, it offers a toll-free phone number for customers to call with additional questions. The manual guides customers through the process of setting the current time and setting the on and off times for the timer operation. It also shows the user how to review or change the set program, how to manually override the program and what to do after a power failure.

The Noma outdoor timer allows you to set an on and off time for outdoor items and saves you from having to physically power the items on or off. The outdoor timer helps to save energy in a number of applications including use with car warmers, home security systems, decorative outdoor lights, pool pumps or garden fountains.