How Do You Get a Manual for the Marco Gas Fireplace?

Get a manual for the Marco gas fireplace by visiting and downloading a PDF file of the manual. Marco gas fireplace manuals are also available on websites such as and However, users must register on those sites to access the Marco gas fireplace manual. The Marco gas fireplace manual is not available through the Marco fireplace company because the company went out of business.

The Marco gas fireplace manual contains four main chapters: Accessories, Installation Instructions, Finishing Your Fireplace and Operation Instructions.

The accessories chapter details the fireplace's different parts, including the grate, glass doors, fan kit and optional outside air kit. The installation instructions section details where to install the fireplace, how to choose the best design, and how to install the air inlet and double-wall chimney systems.

The manual's Finishing Your Fireplace section details how to complete the fireplace's installation and includes installing a mantel or hearth extension. The operating instructions go over the damper control lever, fireplace grate and outside air control functions. It also has a list of basic dos and don'ts for the fireplace to keep users safe.

The Marco gas fireplace manual also includes a section on how to order repair, component or replacement parts.