How Does a Mandle Candle Work?


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Mandle candles are lit by lighting the wick and placing the candle in a safe burning environment. Like other candles, mandles are made of wax or soy that is saturated with a specific scent, which is released into the air as the candle burns. Keep a mandle burning cleanly by trimming the wick down to 1/4-inch length before lighting it. Burn the candle until it produces smoky soot.

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Mandle candles are designed to appeal to men. The main difference between these candles and others is their smell. Mandle scents are supposed to reflect the male lifestyle and include masculine odors similar to men's colognes, deodorants and body sprays. These candles attempt to capture the essence of the male experience to enhance mood. There are candles intended to smell like leather, wood, grass, football, lake water and pine forest. Men who love beer, bacon or pizza may enjoy candles created to smell like those popular foods.

Several companies offer mandle candles to the 35 percent of the male population that buys scented candles. The candles are meant to enhance a man's life by surrounding him with scents that are familiar and comforting. Mandles are marketed to men but also appeal to women.

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