How Do You Make a Zen Garden?

How Do You Make a Zen Garden?

Make a Zen garden by choosing a site, placing large rocks, planting plants, and adding sand or gravel. Add any extra elements such as lamps, fountains, statues, paths or ponds.

  1. Choose the site for your Zen garden

    Choose a quiet location if possible. If building a Zen garden in a pre-existing yard, decide how much of the space you want to devote to the garden. Clear the location down to the dirt, and level it as much as possible. Design and build a wooden outline for your garden; this should help keep the design of the garden focused as well as keeping sand and gravel where it's supposed to be.

  2. Place any large rocks

    Choose the spots for any large rocks. Plant the rocks about 6 inches deep in the soil. Arrange them so they look natural without looking overly symmetrical.

  3. Add the plants

    Plant any plants you want in your garden. Water them immediately.

  4. Add pebbles, gravel, sand and other elements

    Pour pebbles, gravel or sand across the entire garden, and level it. Use a rake to create wavy, gentle lines throughout the garden. If your garden is large enough, create paths to direct guests through the garden, outlining them with small rocks. Add lanterns, statues or water elements to create a quiet feeling.