How Do You Make a Zebra Stripe Stencil for Applying Paint on Walls?


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While it is possible to buy a zebra stripe stencil, making your own saves time and gives you greater flexibility on the design. To get started, all you need is a computer, a printer, some clear acetate, a couple of strips of tape and a craft knife.

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  1. Find a picture of zebra stripes online

    Use resources like Google Images and Flickr to search for zebra stripe images online. For the best results, look for images meant for use as web page backgrounds. Background images are designed to create seamless tiles, which makes your job a lot easier at application time.

  2. Print your image

    If you want your zebra stripes larger or smaller, use a photo editor like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp to scale the image. Once your stripes look the way you want, use a printer to print the image or visit a copy center if you do not own one. Since you need to cut the stencil out in acetate, the quality of the print is unimportant.

  3. Create your stencil

    Use a couple of strips of tape to secure the acetate to the printed image. To prevent the stencil from falling apart after it is cut, mark a 1/4 inch straight line from the edge of the acetate on all sides and avoid cutting past that line. Before you start cutting, decide if you want to cut away the white stripes or the black stripes and use a craft knife to cut the striped pattern into the acetate using the image as a guide. Once finished cutting the stripes into the acetate, remove it from the image and you have a stencil.

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