How Do You Make Woodworking Patterns?


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To make woodworking patterns, select a picture or photograph, and download it onto a computer. Upload the picture into a photo editing program. Crop any element to be your woodworking subject, and create two files with the cropped element as image–enlarged and image–actual.

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To carry out the task, you need a computer, photograph, sketchpad and a pencil. Change the image to the woodworking project actual size in image-actual by adjusting its size. Print the image to be used to make the outline of the woodworking pattern in correct proportion. To see the clear shading and image details for the woodworking pattern in image-enlarged, enlarge the image size to be large enough. On a sketchpad, use a pencil to draw the woodworking pattern.

To get the exact proportion and picture size needed, create an outline for the woodworking pattern shape using the image-actual. Determine the shadings and details to include in your working pattern by examining the image-enlarged print. To get more complicated woodworking patterns, add the necessary symbols and ordered steps.

Use a felt-tipped black pen or a medium-tip marker to trace the final woodworking pattern pencil lines. For safekeeping of the original woodworking pattern, print or scan a copy.

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