How Do You Make a Wooden Display Case?


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To make a wooden display case, cut 1/2-inch thick birch plywood to the appropriate lengths to make the box, shelves and dividers. Secure the cut pieces appropriately using wood glue and 1-inch brads. Affix a 1/4-inch thick plywood to form the case's back.

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Begin building a wooden display case by cutting the 1/2-inch thick birch plywood into 5 pieces, each measuring 2-by-16 inches, and 12 pieces, each measuring 2-by 3 3/8 inches. Then, place two 16-inch long pieces with their sides together, and mark the 1/2 inch point from their either ends.

Mark the 3 3/8-inch point inside from the 1/2-inch mark, and mark another 1/2-inch point from it. Continue marking in this manner until you have created four sections, each measuring 3 3/8 inches. Using a carpenter's square, make lines across both the 16-inch long pieces. The lines indicate the position of the shelves.

Now, place two more 16-inch long pieces with their sides together, and mark the positions of the 12 dividers, as desired. Next, put glue within the 1/2-inch mark on one of the 16-inch long pieces, and secure it to one 16-inch long piece with the divider markings, using brads. Repeat the process to create a box measuring 16-by-17 inches.

Apply adhesive on the remaining 16-inch long piece, and secure in the box to make the shelf. Glue a 16-by-17-by-1/4-inch piece of plywood for the case's back. Finally, glue the dividers in places.

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