How Do You Make a Wood Patio Cover?


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To build a wood patio cover, first create a preliminary design sketch, and make sure that it is in compliance with local building ordinances. Make the necessary measurements, starting from the point the patio cover attaches to the existing structure, and begin the installation process.

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Start the installation process with post anchors that secure the patio cover posts to the foundation of the patio. First cut the tops of each post and attach connecting beams to construct the frame of the roof. Then, install rafters along the frame. Once you have installed the rafters, measure from the house along the top of the end rafter, and use this measurement to ensure that the rafter tails are all of equal length.

After installing the rafters, install two layers of plywood decking along the frame, taking care to compensate for the fascia and drip edge. Property owners in areas with heavy snowfall may wish to create a sturdier drip edge to prevent ice damming or other seasonal problems. To finish the installation of the patio cover, place four corner braces at each end of each frame beam, using the Pythagorean theorem to secure each beam to two diagonal braces, forming a strong triangle.

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