How Do You Make Wood Look Old?

How Do You Make Wood Look Old?

To make wood look old, put several steel wool pads in a jar, add vinegar, let the mixture sit overnight, dilute it, brush it over the wood, let it dry, and sand the wood. This 18-hour process requires steel wool, vinegar, two lidded glass jars, sandpaper, water and a paintbrush.

  1. Mix the aging solution

    Rinse and dry a clean glass jar, and place several steel wool pads inside. Fill the jar with white vinegar, and seal it tightly. Make sure that all of the steel wool pads are submerged. Let the solution steep overnight, and then check the color. If you prefer a darker shade, let the mixture sit for several more hours.

  2. Dilute the vinegar

    Open the jar of vinegar, and pour some of the liquid into another glass jar. Add an equal amount of water, close the jar, and shake it gently. Discard the steel wool.

  3. Apply the vinegar solution

    Use a paintbrush to coat the wood in the diluted vinegar solution. Let the wood dry for several hours, and inspect its color. If you want it to look older and darker, apply additional coats of diluted vinegar. Let each coat dry before you apply the next.

  4. Sand the wood

    Sand the wood with medium-grain sandpaper.