How Do You Make a Wood Gasifer?


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A wood gasifier can be made out of a metal drum with a lid and several other components in order to create the methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Wood gasifiers burn wood through a complex process to create fuel that may be used in certain motors instead of fossil fuels.

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Cut two 3-inch diameter holes in a 30 gallon metal drum about 16 inches from the top of the drum with an acetylene torch. Then cut a 2-inch diameter hole about 4 inches from the top, above one of the other holes.

Place pipe nipples in the 3-inch holes, and braze them into place with brazing rods and the torch. Then cut out the bottom of a 20-gallon trash can, and cut a 2-inch hole in the drum lid's center. Then drill four holes for U-bolts in a 7-inch diameter circle in the drum lid. Turn the lid over, and place a 2-inch diameter pipe on the hole, and braze it into place.

Attach a chain to the U-bolts, and attach a colander to the chain. Then place the trash can onto the drum lid, and replace the trash can lid onto the can. Finally, braze an electrical conduit connector to the metal drum's 2-inch hole. After this step, the gasifier is complete and ready to be used.

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