How Do You Make Wood Floors Shine?


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To make wood floors shine, sweep them daily to prevent grime from scratching the surface, mix a homemade cleaner, mop the floors weekly using the cleaner, and buff the floor to a shine using a towel. You need a broom or dust mop, a spray bottle, a mop, distilled vinegar, vegetable oil and an old towel to complete this project.

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  1. Sweep the floor daily

    Use a broom or dust mop to sweep the floor daily, and remove any dirt or grit from traffic. Install doormats at all entrances to trap dirt before people entering the room track it onto the floor.

  2. Mix a nontoxic cleaner

    Mix equal parts of distilled vinegar and vegetable oil. Apply the cleaner with a household spray bottle. Only mix the amount of cleaner that you plan to use for the day. Otherwise, the solution separates and the oil goes rancid. The vinegar helps to remove dirt and stains from the floor, while the oil conditions the wood to keep it from drying out.

  3. Mop weekly with the cleaner

    Using freshly mixed cleaner, spray a small amount of cleaner on the floor. Use a clean, dry mop to mop the floor.

  4. Buff the floor to a shine

    Use an old towel to buff the floor and restore the shine. Buff in a circular motion, turning the towel as necessary to remove any excess oil and shine the floor.

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