How Do You Make a Wine Rack Display?

make-wine-rack-display Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

One easy way to make a wine rack display is to cut some round holes into a cedar plank. Make the holes just large enough to fit the neck of the bottle, and affix the narrow edge of the plank to the wall. Then, place the bottles in the holes with the cap end facing down.

There are other ways to make wine rack displays. Cut half-inch steel rods into lengths that match the length of the body of a wine bottle, two rods per bottle. Then attach the ends of the rods to a wall at short intervals, such that the body of the wine bottle is held parallel to the floor by two rods.

Wooden pallets make excellent wine bottle displays. Cut a wooden pallet in half, and remove the top board and the two middle boards to make room for the bottles. With a jigsaw, cut a curved edge on the wood to make a decorative design. After sanding the rough edges, stain the wood, and hang the wine rack on the wall. If desired, cut another piece of wood off the pallet, and use a router to cut curved slots out of the wood. Nail the board to the bottom of the rack, and use it to hang wine glasses underneath.