How Do You Make a Water Filter?


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Make a water filter by adding filtering material, such as pebbles, grass or cotton, to a large container. Next, add a layer of gravel and fill the rest of the container with sand. Finally, pour water through the filter and collect it at the bottom. Purify the water if required.

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  1. Build the filtration system

    Find a large, empty container, preferably a can or a large bottle. For a can, punch holes into its bottom. If using a bottle, cut its bottom off evenly. If there are no containers available, use a cone of birch bark. Tie the cone with rope and make sure there is a small hole at the bottom. Next, add your filtering material, such as a layer of pebbles, grass or cotton. Add a layer of gravel on top. Finally, fill the rest of your container with sand.

  2. Collect the filtered water

    Gather water and pour it through the filtration container. Make sure there is a container beneath to catch your filtered water. This water should appear clear. If it doesn't, run it through the filter multiple times.

  3. Purify the water

    If you plan to drink this water, it must be purified. To do this, add fresh charcoal to the gravel layer of your filter.

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