How Do You Make a Vertical Herb Garden?

How Do You Make a Vertical Herb Garden?

Vertical herb gardens maximize limited garden space. Setting up a vertical herb garden requires a wooden shipping palette, a staple gun, burlap fabric, gardening film, heavy scissors, seeds, mounting hardware and basic tools.

  1. Attach the linings

    Staple the burlap to the interior sides and bottom of the palette. Staple gardening film across the top of the palette and three of its sides.

  2. Choose the garden's location

    Decide where to mount your vertical herb garden. Pick an eye-level spot along a sturdy exterior wall capable of supporting a palette of wet, heavy soil.

  3. Install mounting brackets

    Attach L-shaped mounting brackets to the wall. Slide the empty palette over the brackets, step back and inspect the setup. Make any changes you wish, then take the palette down and return it to the work area.

  4. Fill the palette with soil

    Stand the palette upright with the open end on top. Fill the it with quality gardening soil.

  5. Plant the seeds

    Cut small holes in the burlap and insert your seeds. Prop the palette up at a 45-degree angle and wait for the seeds to germinate. Your garden is ready to hang once the plants develop small roots.

  6. Mount the palette

    Slide the germinated palette unto the mounting brackets and secure.