How Do You Make a Vegetable Garden?

How Do You Make a Vegetable Garden?

To make a vegetable garden, choose a good location, make a vegetable garden bed, and fill the bed with soil and compost. You need 2-by-6 rot-resistant lumber, newspaper, manure, compost, soil and mulch to complete this project.

  1. Choose the garden site

    Choose a location that has a flat surface, has access to plenty of water and gets a minimum of eight hours of sunlight.

  2. Outline the shape and size of the garden

    Make the garden bed 4-feet wide so it is accessible from all sides.

  3. Prepare the garden site

    Add newspaper, landscape fabric or cardboard, and include soil and other additives on top. Loosen up the soil to ensure that the roots have plenty of room to grow.

  4. Make the bed

    Use 2-by-6 lumber to make the bed. Make sure the bed has a depth of 6 inches. Tailor the pieces to your preference, and connect them using butt joints or galvanized screws.

  5. Check the frames

    Use a level to check the bed for proper balance to ensure the garden maintains an even amount of water. Remove some of the soil to maintain a proper balance.

  6. Fill the garden

    Fill the garden bed with compost, topsoil and manure. Make sure the soil is level, and plant the vegetable seeds.

  7. Nurture the garden

    Add manure or compost every spring or fall. Add mulch to the topsoil to keep in moisture.