How Do You Make a Tufted Headboard?

How Do You Make a Tufted Headboard?

To make a tufted headboard, drill holes in a plywood board, cover the board with foam and fabric, upholster tufting buttons, and hammer them into the holes. This two-hour process requires plywood, a drill, foam, a knife, spray adhesive, a stapler, a piece of wire and a hammer.

  1. Drill the holes

    Lay the plywood on a flat surface, and drill evenly spaced holes into it.

  2. Cover the wood with foam

    Lay the plywood on a sheet of 2-inch foam, and use a utility knife to cut around the board, leaving a 4-inch surplus on each side. Lift up the plywood, spray it with adhesive, and press it back down on top of the foam. Fold the protruding foam around the edges of the plywood, and staple it.

  3. Cover the foam with fabric

    Turn the headboard over, so the foam faces up. Lay your chosen fabric over the foam with the wrong side down. Cut around the headboard, leaving several inches of extra fabric per side. Lay the fabric on the work surface with the right side down, and set the headboard on top with the foam touching the fabric. Staple the edges of the fabric to the back of the headboard.

  4. Cover the tufting buttons with fabric

    Cut small circles out of the spare fabric that are slightly larger than the tops of the tufting buttons. Spray the button tops with adhesive, and press the fabric over them. Turn the buttons over, apply adhesive to the undersides, and press the excess fabric into it.

  5. Mount the buttons

    Prop the headboard against a wall. Stick a piece of wire through one of the drilled holes, and push it through to the front. Place a tufting button over the wire, remove the wire, and drive the button into the headboard. Repeat with the remaining buttons, turn the headboard over, and secure the buttons by spreading their prongs flat against the wood.