How Do You Make a Trellis?


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Although a garden trellis can be made using a variety of materials and methods, one easy technique involves using bamboo to create a fan-shaped trellis. Cut the canes to make the vertical and horizontal parts, then lash the bamboo using waxed cord.

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  1. Cut the canes

    Determine the height of the middle cane. Cut two canes that are slightly shorter than the middle cane, then cut two more canes that are slightly shorter than the other two canes. The maximum space between each vertical cane should be approximately 8 to 10 inches at the top. Lay out the vertical canes on the floor, with the tops spread apart and the bottoms close together, to form a fan. Determine the length of each horizontal cane, starting 8 inches from the tops of the side canes, making sure that they are evenly spaced. Cut six horizontal canes.

  2. Put the canes together

    Place the vertical canes on the floor, then put the horizontal canes on top of them, making sure that their positions are exact. Determine if you need to add more horizontal canes for extra support.

  3. Lash the bamboo

    Cut 10-inch lengths of waxed cord to attach the canes at each point where the vertical and horizontal canes meet. Tug on each cord firmly to ensure that the canes are tightly fitted together.

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