How Do I Make a Topiary Tree From Live Ivy?

How Do I Make a Topiary Tree From Live Ivy?

An ivy topiary can be created by putting together a wire frame within a flowerpot where the ivy is planted then wrapping the plant around the frame and securing it with florist's wire. Although the topiary is typically called an ivy topiary, it can be made from English Ivy or any other houseplant with bendable stems and small or medium-sized leaves.

There are three basic parts of an ivy topiary: the pot, the frame and the plant.

Several characteristics should be taken into account when selecting a pot for an ivy topiary. First, the pot should be big enough for the plant or plants that you plan to use. The pot needs to allow for water to drain, but not so quickly that the plant is left without water. It also needs to be secure, and it is helpful if it is elevated so air can flow through the pot.

The frame for the topiary can be crafted by creating a loop out of wire. The loop of wire needs to be secured within the pot. The loop should be attached to a wire post which will go all the way down through the soil to hold the frame right above the surface of the soil.

Finally, there is the plant. It is possible to create a topiary with only one plant, but it will take longer to completely cover the wire. Also, if a single plant is used and it dies, then the whole topiary has failed. If multiple plants are used and one dies, then it can be replaced.