How Do You Make Throw Pillows?

How Do You Make Throw Pillows?

Make throw pillows by cutting out squares of colorful or patterned fabric and sewing them together. If you want, you can then get creative with decorative touches. The project takes about 30 minutes. You need fabric, stuffing, a sewing machine, scissors, and needle and thread or fabric glue.

  1. Cut the fabric

    Decide how large you want your pillows to be. Measure the size onto two pieces of fabric. Make sure that you include extra fabric for the seams. Cut out the two squares of fabric.

  2. Sew the fabric

    Place the squares of fabric on top of each other with the patterned sides facing inward. Sew the wrong sides together so that you can turn it later. Use a sewing machine to sew along the edges. Leave a 2-inch gap on one side in which to put the pillow stuffing.

  3. Turn the pillow

    Turn the pillow inside out so that the patterned sides are now on the outside.

  4. Stuff the pillow

    Stuff the pillow with a pillow form or stuffing.

  5. Close the gap

    Close the 2-inch gap either with fabric glue or with a needle and thread. If you choose a needle and thread, use a hidden stitch so to that it is not visible.