How Do You Make a Thatch Umbrella?

How Do You Make a Thatch Umbrella?

To make a thatch umbrella, install a support post, and build a framework. Lay the thatching material on the framework, and secure it with twine. Trim the excess thatching material with garden shears.

To make a thatch umbrella, you need thatching material, treated wood, twine and craft wire. You also need a plumb line, wood pieces and ready-to-mix concrete. For tools, you need a pole hole digger, garden shears, a tape measure, a drill, wood screws and a saw.

Dig a 12-inch hole with the post hole digger, and install the post. Use a plumb line to ensure that the post is not leaning. Mix concrete with water in a wheelbarrow, and shovel it into the hole around the post. Leave the concrete to dry for 48 hours.

Build the framework by measuring the wood pieces and cutting them to size. Screw the wood pieces together using wood screws and a drill. Shape the framework like a cone. Using a stepladder, attach thatching material onto the framework. Use twine to wrap the thatching around the framework.

Add an extra bundle of thatching material, and secure it with the wire to prevent rain from pouring in. Use garden shears around the edges of the umbrella for a clean finish.