How Do You Make a Texture Finish on an Interior Wall?


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There are three main ways to add a textured finish to an interior wall, including with drywall mud, paint and machines like a texture sprayer. Machines are a good option when large or multiple walls are being textured inside a home or business. Drywall texture sprayers use compressed air and a nozzle to cover a large surface in different textures. The textures vary based on the type of nozzle used and how much air adds the paint or mud.

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Use drywall mud to create a stucco finish on an interior wall. It is an easy method for a professional or someone painting the walls in their own home.

To do the drywall method, add a joint compound to the wall by using a knife or trowel. Then, use a sponge to dab the different areas of compound repeatedly until happy with the texture. Once the texture dries, paint the wall. Clean and dry the walls before doing the texture technique. There are different techniques, including going in random directions or using a crosshatched pattern along the wall.

Textured paint is another way to texture an interior wall. Textured paint allows the person to avoid a second step of painting after texturing, but it also more difficult. You need to cover the entire wall quickly before the paint starts to dry. Otherwise, there are uneven lines on the wall. Apply textured paint with a brush and paint roller, just like painting a wall with flat paint. There are usually two layers of paint.

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