How Do You Make a Table Runner?

How Do You Make a Table Runner?

Make a table runner by cutting a piece of fabric to the desired size and using fusible bonding web to hem the raw edges. This project takes 30 minutes. You need fabric, fusible bonding web, scissors, iron and measuring tape.

  1. Prepare the fabric

    Get 1/2 yard of fabric in a standard length of either 45 or 54 inches, depending on the length of your table. For instance, a standard-sized 48-inch table requires 45 inches of fabric. For a 60-inch table, get 54 inches of fabric. Iron the fabric.

  2. Fold the hems

    Starting on the long side of the fabric, fold over 1 inch of fabric for the hem. Do this the entire length of the side, and iron it flat. If the folds become too small or large, iron the fabric flat, and start over again. Repeat this process on the other long side and then on the two short sides.

  3. Apply the fusible bonding web

    Purchase 5/8-inch fusible bonding web. It needs to be smaller than the size of the hemmed edge. Heat your iron to the settings suggested in the instructions on the label of the fusible web. Usually this means the highest setting with steam. Place a length of fusible web in the fold of the hem. Iron the spot for about 10 seconds, or until the fabric adheres to the fusible bonding web.