How to Do You Make a Swirl Pattern on a Ceiling With Sand Paint?

The swirled ceiling texture adds interest to a ceiling. Create it by using a texturing comb or wallpaper brush to create the swirls. Gather the drywall texture mix, paint, a thick-nap paint roller, roller pan, bucket and step ladder.

  1. Clean and repair the ceiling

    Make sure the ceiling is clean and free of dust. Take time to repair any cracks. Sand any existing texture from the ceiling to ensure proper adhesion of the new surface. Use a vacuum to remove any dust you create.

  2. Apply the sand texture paint

    Mix the paint with thinned drywall texture mix in the bucket to create the sand texture paint. Pour a small amount of the mixed paint into the roller pan. Use a brush to cut-in the edges of the ceiling. Apply the paint to a 3-foot square portion of the ceiling.

  3. Create the swirl

    Use the brush or comb to create the swirl pattern. Place the tool against the ceiling. Keep one end in the same position at the center of the swirl while turning the opposite end in a circle. Overlap the swirls to cover the entire area.

  4. Continue the pattern

    Once you create the swirl pattern in the first small area, repeat the process of applying the sand texture paint and creating the swirls until the entire ceiling is covered. If the finished ceiling does not have an even color, apply a coat of ceiling paint.