How Do I Make Sun-Blushed Tomatoes?


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Make sun-blushed tomatoes by choosing similarly sized fruits, slicing them in half, and drying them on a screen protected by cheesecloth. When dry, the tomatoes should have no internal moisture yet and must not be crispy on the outside.

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  1. Select the tomatoes for drying

    Select similarly sized tomatoes so the entire batch dries at about the same time. While any tomato is a candidate for sun drying, including the cherry varieties, many consumers prefer Roma tomatoes, which have fewer seeds and a larger proportion of flesh.

  2. Slice the tomatoes

    Cut the tomatoes in half to expose their insides for drying.

  3. Prepare the tomatoes for drying

    Place the sliced tomatoes on a rack with the cut side on top. Cover the racks with a cheesecloth to keep away insects. Elevate the cheesecloth so it does not touch the tomatoes as they dry.

  4. Dry the tomatoes

    Place the rack in a sunny location for most of the day. Bring the racks inside at night or if there is a chance of rain during the daytime. Drying time varies and may sometimes take up to two weeks. The finished product should be dry throughout and not crispy on the outside.

  5. Store the tomatoes

    Store the tomatoes in a location away from pests.

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