How Do You Make a Stink Bug Trap?

How Do You Make a Stink Bug Trap?

A method to make a stink bug trap is by using ingredients, such as water a roasting pan, desk light and some dish detergent soap. Although this simple trap requires these common household items, the trap is effective because experiments showed that it worked 14 times better than commercial traps in exterminating stink bugs, as noted by Virginia Tech News. Researchers at the College of Agriculture and Life Science at Virginia Tech designed and performed studies with this trap during a 2-year period.

If stink bugs have entered a home, then this homemade trap is an easy solution to solve the problem.

  1. Make the stink bug trap
  2. Fill an aluminum turkey roasting pan with 1/2 gallon of water, add a few squirts of dish detergent soap and stir the water around with the hands. Put the pan in any room where there are stink bugs present in the home.

  3. Add some light
  4. Place a lighted desk lamp near the roasting pan so that the light shines on the water surface. Turn off the room lights and wait 12 hours before checking the pan. Discard the pan with the water and any dead stink bugs in the trap.

This trap works because the light attracts the stink bugs, which then fall into the soapy water and end up drowning when they cannot get out.