How Do You Make Stencils for Wall Murals?


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Make your own stencils for wall murals by drawing and cutting the designs out of contact paper. Since contact paper is sticky, it adheres to the wall without tape and without curling up or lifting away from the wall as you paint.

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Draw outlines of individual mural elements using a marker on contact paper. Make each item the exact size you want for your wall mural; use a ruler or as a guideline, if necessary. Examples of simple mural elements include tree branches, birds or a lotus shape. If you are not comfortable drawing your designs directly on the contact paper, draw them on regular paper first. Cut out the paper, then trace around the paper cutouts onto the contact paper.

Gently slice around the outlines of each item with a craft knife, lifting the shape off the contact paper backing. Save the designs, if you prefer, by sticking them down on a sheet of wax paper. Cut out larger area around your design using scissors; the large cutout is your stencil.

Peel the stencil away from the contact paper backing and smooth it into the wall in the desired location. The wall must be clean and smooth for the contact paper stencil to adhere properly.

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