How Do You Make Stainless Steel Cleaner?


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Make homemade stainless steel cleaner by filling a new spray bottle with undiluted distilled vinegar, according to About.com. Spray the stainless steel, and wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth. The vinegar removes any fingerprints from the surface and is an effective sanitizer.

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How Do You Make Stainless Steel Cleaner?
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Mix a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in a quart of very hot water, as recommended by Good Housekeeping. When using this hot solution, rubber gloves provide protection for the fingers. Using microfiber cloth along with some hard scrubbing removes fingerprints and other marks from the stainless surface. This solution requires rinsing with hot water and drying the surface to prevent marks from forming on the stainless steel.

Avoid the practice of cleaning stainless steel using oils, as advised by HouseBeautiful. Oils cause lint to stick to the surface, creating a bigger mess. The magazine also warns against use of any abrasive, such as cleansers or steel wool pads to clean stainless steel. Even mildly abrasive cleaning products cause permanent damage to the surface.

If there are scratches on the stainless steel, however, fine steel wool is useful in rubbing out the damage, according to HouseBeautiful. The process involves rubbing the surface with the steel wool and some commercial stainless steel polish, following the grain of the stainless steel, until the treatment camouflages the scratch.

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