How Do I Make Squirrel Traps?


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Squirrels look cute, but they can create havoc to the electrical wiring in no time. Hence it is essential to take steps for ensuring that they do not lead to situations where the homeowner need to pay out lot of money for repairing the damage. Making a squirrel trap is not difficult and it can be done using easily available material.

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The materials needed for building a squirrel trap are plastic tube, wire mesh, cooking oil, glue or tape and a few corn or sunflower seeds to lure them. The plastic tube should be about three to six feet long and five to eight inches wide so that it can contain the squirrel. The wire mesh should be attached to one of the tube ends with the help of glue or tape. It is important that the mesh is securely attached. The inner walls of the tube should be coated with cooking oil so that the wall becomes slippery making it difficult for the squirrel to climb out.

The trap needs to be placed in the area where the rodents frequent with the mesh on the ground. Put some corn or sunflower seeds at the bottom and keep a watch. Using this simple trap it is easy to catch the squirrel and release it in an open field someplace else.

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