How Do You Make a Square Coffee Table With a Glass Top?


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Make a square, glass-top coffee table from a base of laminated pine shelving and a sheet of glass with sanded edges. You also need wood glue, silicone bumpers, packaging tape, sand paper, interior sealer, gel stain and mineral turpentine to complete this project. Reclaimed materials, such as a door or wood left over from a remodeling project, can be used in place of the pine shelving.

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  1. Create four wood blocks for the base of the table

    Use 16 pieces of 305 x 400 millimeter laminated pine shelving to make the sides of each block. Place four pieces upright to form a hollow square 305 millimeters tall. Ensure that each side overlaps the corner of the piece on its right. The block should measure 420 millimeters long by 420 millimeters wide. Use glue to attach the overlapping corners. While the glue dries, hold the corners in place with packaging tape. Remove the tape after the glue dries.

  2. Fix the tops to the base blocks

    Use four pieces of 420 x 420 millimeter laminated pine shelving for the top of the blocks. Place drops of glue on the edges of the base blocks, then set the top pieces on the blocks. Allow the glue to dry.

  3. Sand and clean the wood blocks

    Sand the edges of the wood with 120 grit sandpaper. Use 220 grit sandpaper to further smooth the edges. Dampen a lint-free cloth with mineral turpentine. Clean the surface of the wood with the cloth.

  4. Stain and seal the wood if desired

    Use a gel stain to color the wood. Seal the color with an interior sealer.

  5. Set the glass in place

    For the table top, use a 10-millimeter-thick sheet of glass with sanded edges cut to your desired size and shape. Arrange the blocks to support the glass. Put silicone bumpers on top of the blocks to hold the glass top in place. Place the glass top on the blocks.

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