How Do You Make a Solar-Powered Herb Dryer?


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A solar-powered herb dryer should be efficient, compact and durable. Though many designs exist, the following herb dryer is easy to construct. You need a wooden picture frame, two layers of screen, wood glue, four corks, six eye screws and two suction cups.

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  1. Prepare the frame

    Remove the glass and backing from the wooden frame.

  2. Prepare the screen

    Measure the portion of the frame into which the backing fit. Cut one piece of screen to these measurements. Add 1/8 inch to the measurements all around, and cut the second piece of screen. The herbs go between the two screens.

  3. Attach the first screen

    Apply wood glue to the inner edge of the frame. Press the first screen into the wood glue, and allow it to dry.

  4. Attach the removable screen

    Use the eye screws to create clips for the removable screen. Twist an eye screw midway up one side, just above the first screen. Repeat this procedure for the remaining three sides. Allow enough room so that when the eye screws are parallel, the removable screen slips in and out easily.

  5. Add the corks

    Use the corks to turn the screen into a table. Apply wood glue to one side of each cork, and place it in each corner of the screen as a table leg.

  6. Attach the suction cups

    Twist the remaining eye screws into the back of the frame as if preparing to hang it on a wall. Push the loop portion up to a 90-degree angle. Attach the suction cups to the eye screws. The frame can now be used on a tabletop or in a window.

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