How Do You Make Solar Heat Panels at Home?

How Do You Make Solar Heat Panels at Home?

To make solar heat panels at home, cut plywood and 2-by-4s to the required size for the frame and the baffle boards, position the fans at the top and the bottom of the design, and connect them to a power source. Finally, cover the panel with plexiglas.

A solar heat panel can be designed to fit into a window, onto a wall or mounted on the window seal using a lip. Among these, a panel that fits into a window is the simplest to build.

To make the solar heat panel, measure the dimensions of the window, and cut a 2-by-4 and plywood to this size. This makes the panel's frame. Cover the frame's interiors with aluminum flashing. Leave one side of the frame unattached to allow the wires of the fans to pass through.

Cut three pieces from the 2-by-4 to a size that fits the window for the baffle boards. This forms a three-tiered channel. Sand the boards' edges so that they can be positioned flush with the frame's sides.

Now, make one hole each at the beginning and end of the channel located at the top and bottom, respectively, of the collector. Position computer fans in the holes. Allow the wires of the fans to pass from under the aluminum flashing till the power source. Test the functioning of the fans.

Place plexiglas over the panel, and caulk its edges. Mount the panel inside the window so that its plexiglas sits flush on the window pane.